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Go ahead honey, touch yo’ self | Carvaka Sex Toys

February 07, 2018

As momentum continues to build for the historic #MeToo movement, it is becoming more important to be sexually proud and free. The movement has brought to light the continued patriarchal control of sexuality. It represents a rebellion against today’s sexual culture.

Things such as the sense of obligation, attitudes towards rape culture, not to mention things like the control over reproductive rights and gender roles. The list goes on.

What are we to do at a time like this?

Reclaim our bodies. Be free to be sexually liberal without fear or prejudice. A protest, write, kick up a ‘fuss’.

And when you’re in the sheets, love yourself.

Here where masturbation comes in. I have written a few times about the world of sex and relationships, but no other word elicits a tantalising sense of excitement and desire, quite like masturbation. Sex toy retailer Carvaka toys has found that there’s more of us in the self-love club that you may think.


Why is masturbation so great? 

32% of women said they masturbate every day, without fail. While 31% said they get jiggy with themselves

Click to enlarge (

a few times a week and 15% of women say they only masturbate once a week.


These numbers are still pretty low when you consider the many health benefits flicking the bean, or tugging the snake, can have on your body and mind.

Trouble sleeping? Anxiety or stress keeping you up? Masturbation can help all of these ailments. It also improves and strengthens muscle tone down there. There is even rumours masturbation can make it less likely to develop prostate cancer in men.

This is why we should be thanking the heavens and their sex toy gods. How else would us 30% be able to inject life and confidence into the bedroom?

Why are sex toys so handy?

Let’s be real for a sec –  no one has the stamina of two AA batteries.

Carvaka sex toys conducted a bit of research and found that sex toys are enjoyed by most, if not all. Check out the infographic.

Sex toys are enjoyed all over the UK by couples and individuals alike and so it’s interesting to see what seems to be popular in specific regions. Carvaka pulled together data from their website analytics to come up with this information, who wouldn’t want a good nosey?

Offering a range of tools and utensils, to help people of all ages and abilities. Body swings and toys with easy grip are just a few examples of how sex toys make pleasure so accessible for all.

Elizabeth Morris from the online retailer explained just how important sex toys can be.

“The world of sex toys has evolved hugely since the advent way back in the late 19th century of the first vibrator. Today it is possible to get an adult toy that will suit any gender and many sex toys are available to resolve sexual concerns. Toys that help stimulate people that have trouble climaxing are widely available and bring joy daily to individuals all over the globe of all ages.

Toys that help stimulate people that have trouble climaxing are widely available and bring joy daily to individuals all over the globe of all ages.

Sex and sex toys do not age or body discriminate so the opportunity to reach new levels of pleasure is there for all!”

It seems so win-win, they’re good for you and they make you feel good. After all, masturbation is a part of our human nature. Would you believe there has been a reported 29% increase in global sales so it’s clear the self-love club is growing.

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