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Guess what they’ve done to sex education?

January 15, 2017

SPOILER: nothing.

While I have written before about the downfalls of our current system’s sex education, it’s worth re-emphasising the importance of not just biological sexual health, but the importance of learning sexuality and emotional. health Unfortunately for every prepubescent child out there, Conservative MP’s have voted against plans to make an amended sex and relationships education compulsory. It’s back to condoms and bananas for you.

In this changing political climate, where we have seen large evidence of prejudice towards women and the LGBTQ community sweep across the news, do we really think now is the time to hinder sexual education?

A  group of MPs tabled an amendment to make lessons on “sex and relationships education, same-sex relationships, sexual consent, sexual violence and domestic violence” mandatory in all UK schools. The amendment was rejected.

The education secretary, Justine Greening, who has supported the idea of compulsory sex ed in the past has proposed that she was open to reforming the current system, which currently allows free schools and academies to opt out of teaching sexual education in class. On the plus side, Justine has managed to recognise that reform is necessary. Sadly, she seems to be all talk and no action.

After all, sex is something everyone takes part in, one time or another. Yet, the opposing MP’s don’t seem to have considered the LGBTQ community and the highs the year has given us, with the legalisation of homosexual marriages, as well as the lows we have seen, as the rate of transgender murders rises.  It seems ridiculous not to include it in our education. Not only is sexual education important for our health, but it is a part of our history.

Let’s not forget how this may affect attitudes towards women. I know, I switched off at that sentence too. I bang on about it a lot, but with good reason.

My university has a ‘consent society’ and when I heard about it, I laughed:

“that’s patronising, we’re all adults! We know when to say no..”

That was stupid of me because it’s not about saying no, it’s about taking no for an answer. In a world where the President thinks it’s just fine to grab a woman, choosing not to teach children that simple fact, doesn’t strike me as the best way to go about things.

If that’s not enough, without a more detailed sexual education in schools, has anyone considered where the youngen’s will be getting that education from instead? PORN (Quick fact: the porn regulations were changed late last year and girls can’t cum on camera now.)

Some extreme viewpoints may argue that blocking the amendment will leave us with animals and rapists. I say that it’s going to leave us with bad shaggers.


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