Iris Creamer: DENIM Review

August 11, 2017

If you haven’t heard of Iris Creamer (or simply ‘Creamer’ to her pals) then strap yourselves in, because this up and comer has already established herself as a trail blazer in the DAZED July playlist with her tune ‘Saucy’.  The 21-year-old hails from Rhode Island in the US and has been making beats since she was 15, as well as writing songs since the early age of 9. With this experience behind her, it’s no surprise that all of the album’s content, along with the cover art was all done by Creamer herself.

DENIM is Creamer’s debut offering of unapologetic, sassy and most importantly sexy listening experience. When talking about what themes the album holds, she told Spark Mag:

“On this album, there’s no conformity or filter, it’s just me unapologetically as an ode to my younger self. As for themes, I’m definitely calling on Love and Empowerment.”

The whole album is a journey of hip-hop infused self-exploration. The small jazz influences on the song ‘Electricity’ offer a sense of romanticism. While further down the track list we are introduced to the electro anthem ‘GOLDEN GIRL’ which declares

“I know I’m a golden girl, I’m not yours though…”

The poppier than average sound juxtaposed with the take-no-shit vocals aids in affirming Creamer’s position as a female-empowerment powerhouse. Additionally, the intro is somewhat reminiscent of video game noises. Could this be Creamer taking control of this ‘love game’?  DENIM feels like an ode to independence, as well as an ode to maintaining that independence through the struggles life throws at us.

While all of the tunes give us a small insight into the world and mind of Iris Creamer, my personal favourite is the bonus track ‘Fish In The Tank’ which captures its listener from the first note, speaking nothing but the truth, the lyrics point out to us that

“Fish in the tank, they can’t be great, they don’t escape from the mindset that you put them in”

Fish In The Tank is the inspirational reminder that we all need in times like ours. You can be better simply by being who you want to be, rather than who you feel you need to be.

Though still in the infancy of her success, Creamer has reportedly given praise to fellow musicians on the Providence scene.  Including genres such as punk, electronic and hip-hop. While you can already hear some of these influences in DENIM, it is clear that this is only the beginning for Iris Creamer and she is one very important and necessary voice. Iris Creamer is the self-empowering young woman we all need to hear.

Click here to stream Iris Creamer’s DENIM album.

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3 comments on “Iris Creamer: DENIM Review

  1. I love discovering new music 💕 I just listened to her track Sweet Tooth. It’s really mellow and chilled with a great beat. I like it! I’m defo going to check out more of her stuff. Thank you for the suggestion Em 😘 xx

  2. Oohhhhh I’ve never heard of this lady before! I absolutely love discovering new music – I usually listen to new albums when I’m drafting blog posts – so I’ll defo give this a listen! x

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