IWD #1 | Rock ‘n Roll Girls

March 05, 2018

This year has already been a pretty inspirational year for women. Memorable events include campaigns exposing harassment and assault in the workplace and it’s been 100 years since most women in the UK gained the right to vote.

While we’ve still got a long way to go in term

s of progression and equality, this International Women’s day seems worth celebrating. In order to celebrate, throughout this week, I shall be doing a series of posts documenting some fierce feminist sisters mixed in with some opinion pieces and interviews.

So to kick off this series, I thought I’d write a music post bringing you up to date with my favourite all-female bands, who could have stepped right out of the 90’s Riot Grrrl movement.


These girls are an alternative rock trio from Melbourne Australia. Formed in 2015, their sound is both raw and melodic, a bit like folk meets punk. With lyrics tackling issues from being a woman in the music industry to the dread of walking home alone at night; Camp Cope encapsulate what it’s like to be a woman of this generation in a perfectly poetic angsty manner.

I have not had their 2016 self-titled album off shuffle since I discovered them. In their song Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams their brutally honest lyrics let their listeners know exactly where they stand on topics such as rape culture: “Hearing cat calls from police cars and they say “What you gonna do about it dressed the way you are?”

I think we can agree, definitely ones to watch out for.

Songs to listen to: The Opener  & Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams


Where do I even start with Pussy Riot? You’ve probably already heard of them. Some would say they started as a band and became a movement. In 2011 the protest pop-punk band was formed in Moscow, Russia. They write songs about feminism, LGTB rights and were very vocal about their dislike of Putin and his policies.

In 2012, after a staged performance outside of Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, a Russian Orthodox church that stands over the Moscow River. The performance was to protest the church’s endorsement of Putin during his election campaign but resulted in three members being arrested for hooliganism. Two of their members spent 2 years in a Russian prison under extremely poor conditions.

Pussy Riot are a group who take performance art to the next level.

A really good documentary was made about these events and you can still view it on iPlayer

Song to listen to: Make American Great Again


The Tuts are probably one of my favourite bands on this list. Hailing from Hayes in London, this all-female 3 piece tackle topics like “sexism, feminism and everyday life-isms” in only a way that such young, raw female voices can do. A band that champions not only feminism, but diversity and politics as well. The Tuts are a band we all want to be best friends with, but they’re way too cool for us.

With lyrics that promise to empower listeners, The Tuts are the perfect combination of talent, opinion and being just so darn  relatable! As exemplified in their track Dump Your Boyfriend.

Just for the record, they’ve also got a really sick n’ sassy cover of Wannabe!


Now signed to independent record label Rough Trade Records, Goat Girl pair indie rock riffs with a jazz-like deadpan overtone in the lead singer’s voice. This makes the lyrics seem like they’re coming from an irritated home.

With a feel and lyrics that likely echo the thoughts of many young people in the UK, Goat Girl are grouchy and cool in a way that (let’s face it)  we all aspire to be.

In their first single, and my personal favourite song, Country Sleaze 

they sing: “I’m disgusted, I’m ashamed of this so-called human race.” which is probably a not so subtle comment on the state of the world at the minute.



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