December 22, 2016


Hi there,

I’m the young lass pictured on your left and my name should be right above that, but if you didn’t quite catch it, my name is Emma. I am currently at the University of Sussex, studying Journalism in Brighton. But when I’m not working hard (ish) or lobbing pebbles into the sea (or whatever else people do for fun), I call Nottingham home. I’d describe myself as a moderately fun, lefty feminist who likes to travel to different worlds and listen to good music. That’s right, on this blog you’ll hear all my opinions on current events, feminism, politics and so much more!

I fell in love with journalism at about 14, I knew I liked writing and quite early on I knew I had strong opinions. I may not have understood what I stood for or why I stood for it, but I assure you, that came with age. It is my understanding that journalism is one of the only ways we find things out, though it may have its disappointing moments and Rupert Murdoch, love it or hate it, the media is how we obtain our information.  It is also my understanding that the media is horrendously molded and shaped to fit certain ways of thinking. So, in an endeavor to be able to write about what I want when I want, I launched my blog.

I wish I could offer you a niche. I read on one of those ‘do it yourself’ marketing websites, that in order to create and run a successful blog, you must choose a niche and this niche must represent an extension of yourself. It must reflect your passions and what drives you. This, I can understand but fail to put into practice. We’re humans, our passions and drives change, as does the way we see the world. So will this blog.

Thanks again for popping by, sorry it doesn’t have a cooler name but my parents were quite unimaginative when naming me.

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