Iris Creamer: DENIM Review

August 11, 2017
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If you haven’t heard of Iris Creamer (or simply ‘Creamer’ to her pals) then strap yourselves in, because this up and comer has already established herself as a trail blazer in the DAZED July playlist with her tune ‘Saucy’.  The 21-year-old hails from Rhode Island in the US and has been making beats since she was […]

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Sex & Relationships

Boots and the morning after pill: one week on

July 26, 2017
Last week, the pharmacy chain Boots issued an explanation as to why they refuse to lower the price of their morning after pill, or emergency contraception pill (ECP). Despite pressure from MP’s, activist groups and other retailers lowering the price of their contraception pills, Boots remains one of the most expensive retailers in the country […]
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Your guide to Rovinj, Croatia

July 19, 2017
What is your favourite type of travel? Well whether you’re a ‘lazy beach day’ kind of person, or you’re more into jamming every excursion under the sun into a few days, the Istarian paradise may just be your next adventure. Rovinj is home to a fishing port, situated on the West Coast of the Istrian […]

Is Michael Gove right about tuition fees?

July 03, 2017
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Yesterday, on the Andrew Marr Show the Secretary of State for the Environment, Michael Gove decorated our screens with his attendance. Gove took a running jump to defend university tuition fees, after Damian Green (May’s right hand man) called for a debate on the issue. It’d be nice to have some votes back, eh Damian? […]

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How to turn a meat eater vegan

June 28, 2017
The image you see on this post were taken near my parent’s farm. It’s not a working farm, more a haven for farm animals (mostly poultry and dogs.) My relationship with the animal kingdom has always been a close one, I’m lucky enough to have grown up around a wide variety of four-legged creatures. However, […]
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Solomon Curtis: radical roots

May 17, 2017
When Theresa May called for her snap election, thousands of young voters registered to vote. There’s been a surge in young voters registering, especially when you compare the numbers to the 2015 election. Why? Probably because we’ve seen for ourselves the change voting can make. We’ve shed our position of “There’s no one worth voting […]
Mental Health


April 13, 2017
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I wasn’t sure how to categorise this post. I didn’t want it under ‘mental health’ as I didn’t want you to read another dragged out post about someone else’s state of mind. This isn’t a post on ‘how to be happy’ because frankly, I don’t have those answers for you. This isn’t a post like […]

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Sex & Relationships

Condoms: a series of unfortunate events

April 03, 2017
While condoms have been the nation’s saviour from many daunting diseases, irritable infections and… well, kids (no thank you), our latex lovelies rarely receive good press. I wish I could say I was here to change that, but I’m not. No matter how important they are for our sexual health, condoms are fiddly, slimy and […]
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Sex & Relationships

Low sex drives & post-sex blues

March 09, 2017
Originally written for Almost writers. Throughout one’s teens and early adulthood, the pressure is piled on you to delve into the wonders of sex. If my memory serves me right, this is all expected to happen between the ages of 15-18. My young friends would often ask me, ‘have you done it yet?’ and I’d […]

Should Germaine Greer speak at International Women’s Day event?

February 16, 2017
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This year, Brighton Dome’s annual celebration for International Women’s Day has faced opposition after a flurry of complaints are received, due to the inclusion of author Germaine Greer.   At the Brighton Anti-Trump Women’s March, which took place last month, organisers asked attendees not to hold up ‘vagina centric’ themed signs, as they could be […]